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Bouwvakkers bij zonsondergang

The Studio is closed until September 2024!!

We are doing a major upgrade of the rooms and space.


M4-Studio is a music recording studio located in the north of the Netherlands. Our goal is to help bands and musicians to get their music to the next level
and get it released without breaking the bank.
Contact us for:
  • Recording  
  • Songwriting/ co-writing
  • Arrangements
  • Producing
  • re-amping
  • Mixing
  • Surround mixing (incl. Dolby atmos)
  • Mastering

Background magazine:

"After hearing all of the tracks I can only do one thing. Putting both of my thumbs up for all of them for what they have achieved together here on this amazing sounding album."
About : The Foundation -Mask (album)

 Ron Kraaijkamp
"What a great start.
Great music with a wonderful mix. All instruments and voice are all clearly distinguishable."

ProgVision :

" I would like to give Jan Munnik an extra compliment on this one.  He has done a fantastic job in his own M4-Studio. "Mask" sounds fantastic. "
DespairThe Foundation
00:00 / 03:37
00:00 / 06:21
Cosmic PsychoBlack Fuse
00:00 / 04:13
Westersingel 85
9635BV Noordbroek
The Netherlands
Studio: +31 (0)6 2272 4105
dolby atmos.jpg



I've started my music career  back in the 80's as a keyboard player at the local school band. 

I've played in different bands as a keyboard-player, rocking the stage from local pubs till the bigger festivals (Summerbreeze, Wacken, Waldrock ao) and touring the clubscene for many years.

With our band Autumn we've created some international released albums and videos played at MTV and other music television networks.

Meanwhile i've crafted the skills in music production. With some help from Berklee and SAE institute.  

Current i am producing, mixing songs for bands and  artists and also making music and soundesign for film.

Jan is a hard working musician,producer/mixing engineer with a keen ear who will make your songs sound the best.

Jan Munnik

Foto Credits: HVDB-Fotografie


(online) Mixing



About m4
services m4


Mastering is the last step to your song, before it goes out to the real world of streaming, CD-players and/or radio stations.

In this stage we get the proper levels for each of this media, so it translates in the best way.

We will also provide that the song will sound as loud, wide and great as possible.

As a "single" or in the context of a full album.

Contact us for pricing and delivery standards.

Online Mastering


Get your music mastered without leaving home.
Our online mastering service enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to have their music professional mastered within  today's broadcast and streaming standards.

Contact us for pricing and delivery standards.

Film mixing
Dialog editing


M4 has been doing film projects for a few years now.

Cleaning up the dialogs and/or creating sound design/foley to fix issues with the original recordings and make the film like the way it was intented to be.

M4 is using and building his own sounddesign database with thousands of sounds, That we can add in a split second.

For dialog replacement we us Nuendo's outstanding dialog editor.

We also have a dedicated 5.1 monitor set for mixing and mastering in the appropriate formats.

Contact us for pricing and delivery standards



A good Mix will take your songs to a new level, providing them with the sound they deserve. 

Our studio is dedicated to this art form and will lift your songs. to achieve this we use tools like re-amping,  track editing and sound replacement (if it's needed) next to the standard mixing tools like compression, reverbs, delays etc..

We use high-end tools and have the knowledge to make this work.

Online Mixing

Get your music mixed without leaving home.
Our online mixing service enables anyone anywhere in the world, to have their music professional mixed within today's broadcast and streaming standards.

Contact us for pricing and delivery standards.



M4 gives you the tools needed for a great production.

We have the gear and knowledge to put your songs to the highest level.

We offer you flexible production possibility's. 

Do you want a full production, or do you perhaps prefer spending your budget on drum recording and mixing while recording the rest on your own?

Get in touch and we’ll help you find the best solution to fit your needs.

Contact us for pricing and delivery standards.


  • Mixing -  200 euro ex. btw (song) 

    • What do you get?

      • 3 revisions included

      • drum / bas/ vocal editing 

      • And ofcourse an awesome mix using the best hardware and software

  • Mastering- 50 euro ex. btw (track)

    • What's included?​

      • 3 revisions​

      • premium streaming mastering ((96/48khz-24bit) and/or cd-mastering (44.1khz-16bit)

  • For other audio project we use a 35 euro ex. btw (per.hour) price.






Avid Pro Tools |Ultimate

Steinberg Nuendo 13

Avid |HD converters

Lynx converters

Focusrite liquid channel pre-amps



Mac Pro 5.1 

HP z840 

Vienna ensemble system


Digidesign D Command (24 faders)

X-Mon monitorcontroller


DBX 160 xt (2x)

UA 1176 (2x) (WES)

Line 6 echopro delay

Yamaha ProR3 reverb

Sony R7 reverb

Neve 33609 (Stam Audio)

SSL 4000 g compressor (Stam Audio)

Roland SRV-2000


Korg Kronos

Yamaha motif

Kurzweil pc3

Roland jv-80


Dynaudio M1.5

Yamaha NS-10m



Neumann U67 tlm

Antelope Edge (modeling mic)

Rode NT-1

Shure sm57










Acustica audio

Sony Oxford 



and many more

Virtual Instruments:

Ivory piano


Roland synths

Korg synths

Yamaha synths

Diva, Serum

Native intruments 

and many more

Equipment m4

We are using a hybrid system in the studio with the convenience of recall (digital) and the warmth of analog gear.  That said plugins are getting better and better, so the world of digital in this setup is getting larger every day.


work m4
Black Fuse - Cosmic Psycho


Westersingel 85
9635BV Noordbroek
The Netherlands
Studio: +31 (0)6 2272 4105

KvK:  02095982

BTW/VAT/Tax number: NL 002153967B14

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